A positive decision about dog training

In terms of dog training, and there are various theories about how is the best because there are dog breeds, if not more. Almost every week, it seems to be another so-called expert who has a new idea about dog training.

Promotion of positive

Basically, positive reinforcement in training dogs simply means that the dog gets praise and rewards when you do something you say to do rather than punish it if it is not something that should not be fact. More and more dog trainer advocates the use of positive reinforcement instead of the old traditional method of negative reinforcement.

Stronger connections

There is yet another side of positive reinforcement dog training that you will not find many cases in is that the emotional bond among dog and owner will be much stronger and more durable. The problem with the negative enhancing techniques such as throttle chains and mark the head, however, makes the companion dog you pain and this has a significant negative affect on the emotional relationship among the dog and his owner. To put it in human terms, do you prefer to work? The trainer encourages work and hard work with bonuses or someone threatens you to fire or dock your pay when you make a mistake? This is the difference among positive and negative reinforcement, and how it will feel you to the responsible person.

Old methods could lead to bad behavior

There are, of coarse, some trainers who do not get the results that old traditional dog obedience training methods use, dogs eventually learn that disobeying an order can result in pain and perhaps pain and discomfort. Items will zap collar like your dog to stop barking, but it can also help as well as help in developing aggressive behavior to cause neurological disorders in your dog. If someone kept you angry, angry really, really, right?

If your dog is supposed to be the best friend of a man, why do you go as far as inflict pain on this? Negative reinforcement to go to positive reinforcement, you can get you and your dog's benefit of living in a friendly environment, rather than prey on fear and pain, and you will have that with a little patience a dog can have knows how to act.

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