How to prepare your dog for your newborn

If you are like many people, your four-legged friend is the first "baby". Many people fear unnecessarily about how to manage their dog, a baby in their lives. Many owners think of animals in the family to get rid of because they feared they will harm the child. Please do not do this unless there is no other option. Most dogs, if treated properly and trained, can handle life with a newborn baby in order.

Children and pets are wonderful companions when they are properly raised together and taught how to behave with one another. Children who learn to grow up in a house with animals respect and love animals, and more importantly, respect for life. As children grow, they can learn responsibility by helping to take care of the animals. Pets enrich the lives of our children and beyond the faith.

The birth of a child can cause problems for humans and dogs, as dogs tend to be treated differently, and therefore, act differently. Some owners baby the dog more, causing the dog to become spoiled and difficult to manage. Other owners get too stressed and punish the dog for a normal curious behavior towards the child. Often our pets are the center of our world is our "babies" if you like, and can be "jealous" if not the loss of this status for the new baby to treat. If you are willing to prepare the time and effort to prepare your pets for the new arrival, everyone can lives in harmony.

Sometimes the baby's dog are overrun. Many owners like them and the dog is a guard for the baby. While it is normal that the dog is protecting the child, it is dangerous for the dog to become frightened, and not let anyone near the baby. All the above scenarios lead to the dog being expelled from the house!

As you make arrangements to bring the baby home, you must prepare your dog (s) for the same in advance if possible. While most dogs with the baby is very gentle, many dogs do not see babies as humans because of their size, smell and strange noises they make. By the time you take your dog to give some love and special attention, which should be good, and do not turn bad behavior to get your attention. You need to prepare and train your dog for what lies ahead. This ensures that they are ready and willing to except the new member of the family with open legs and affectionately.

Using soothing remedies (herbs, aromatherapy, oils) and or prescription medications are an option, also to help make a better behavior of dogs easier. For more information on these products and the consequences associated with their use, contact your veterinarian. I am a creditor in the holistic approach, whenever possible, instead of using medication.

Please, please always be aware that your dog is an animal and can bite animals or a child, intentionally or not. No matter how clever or loving your dog never leave your dog alone with the baby! I cannot stress enough. Accidents can happen. You do not want to harm your baby or with your dog because of an unfortunate to get rid of, and perhaps avoidable incident.

If you are not sure that your dog will except your new baby, please contact a professional trainer or behaviorist before making a decision.

Believe it or not, ask your behavior and your dog questions. It can make or break the acceptance and respect of your dog for your baby. If you act like a leader, you will be treated as a leader. You want your dog to respect every person in your household, including your baby. You must teach your dog to respect the baby. This will makes life easier for all parties involved.

Be firm, but fair-

Do not let your dog leave with the things, but not a sergeant either! Try to make corrections as gentle as possible, but make sure they are effective. Try to get fun with your dog and training - you need both to use it or no one want to continue!

Your Tonally matters-

Do not yell at your dog! Convey the sense of ordering through the sound of your voice - your voice to what you say to your dog. Orders must be short and concise in a low voice, almost growling. Your voice should be no more than you give the command. Do not sing your dog or a question for the dog! They will not be the answer you want! When giving praise, sound like you mean it! It should be the opposite of a command - more interested and enthusiastic. If your dog is too excited, if you praise, tone it a little down and speak softly. Your dog will still understand that it does a good job, but it will be less likely to jump and be crazy.

Be calm and enforce

Our dogs feed on our energy and emotions. This effects their behavior and reactions. When we are relaxed and confident, our dogs feel the same, and I know we are the leading, and they should not lead us.

Use crate-

If your dog is not already using a crate, now is the time to start. A crate is not cruel, it can actually be a wonderful and safe place for your dog. Restrict your dog at times, such as sleeping or times when you cannot monitor just your baby for the same in his crib. It is actually very easy to teach your dog to except in the crate. Most people think the dog who has not used a front body has a hard time, but this is usually not true. My two older dogs began to use the crate when they were seven and eight years old at the time, my son started to crawl on their own and explore. That allowed me to know that my children and my dogs were safe and nothing bad could happen. Your child can be hurt by your dog as easily as your child could hurt your dog. The problem lies in the fact that if the dog is the least risk to your baby or even your baby accidentally injured, it is the dog's fault. It's unfair to the dog for something like this can happens because you will monitor the two together at any time!

Clearing mouth manners-

Bad behavior cannot be accepted because it can be dangerous for a new baby, and a new mother. Jumping and pinching are behaviors that must be stopped immediately. Flies of great hardness and must be suffocated immediately in the bud.

Bring your dog how to be calm and gentle, praise and treat this behavior.

To work in life and daily makes the game easy and normal for your dog to hear. It will be natural for the dog, and it is less likely that your dog will be out of control. It is also good for you as it is that you train every day your dog makes sure you make the guide - not the trailer.

Exercise is important for good behavioral

As I said in the guide, exercise is essential for your dog. This ensures that your dog will be better behaved because it has no power to behave badly! Regular walks are important. If you do not have time to run miles, use a dog backpack, you can take a short walk as a long way for your dog. A dog backpack immediately put your dog in working mode, which help his brain to tire. If you consistently trim some weight on each side, such as water bottles, will promote the amount of physical energy that is spent by your dog. Learning your dog right next to the baby carriage is also important. It is very difficult and dangerous to have a dog and get out of control while trying to maneuver a baby carriage. If you are planning to use a baby carrier seat, snare, backpack or car your dog must be on a leash and go with you, you are pulling. It is a good idea to practice with the material before the baby comes (instead of the child use a doll) so that you can work on small defects or problems.

Regular meetings of obedience with your dog so that it does not forget their controls and remembers that they must listen always. This also carries his brain to tire! Try to work the controls in your everyday life so that it becomes your second nature.

Your dog is allowed on your furniture? -

If your dog is still allowed on the furniture, perhaps you will want to return this as your baby will probably be a lot of furniture. Dog hair and dirt can irritates your baby. She also does not want to have to clean constantly the dog. Your dog can also hurt the baby by accident jumping on furniture or repositioning. It is best to restrict access to the furniture so that the problems do not occur.

Time-out for your dog-

Make sure that you give your dog time to adjust from the baby away. Causerie are an effective tool to keep your dog's mental health and even if they do something wrong.

Your new schedule and your dog-

It is time to customize the dog schedule to teach their upcoming changes. Think realistic about the time you have for the dog for such things as walks, feeding, potty breaks, game and attention. Try to keep the tight schedule for your dog so it does not feel unnecessary stress changes that occur before your baby comes. As little disruption as possible will help to achieve this goal. Once your dog feels safe and used to the new routine, try to start with slight variations in the daily events. When your baby matters things do not always go as planned. You may want to stay on schedule and inevitably, something will change this calendar! Babies do not follow plans! Do not try to stay on schedule where possible, so your dog is allowed a semblance of routine. Dogs feel safe when rules and routines remain the same.

Pay less attention to your dog-

Now is the time to teach the dog to wait at less attention from you in a meeting. Once the baby comes, you do not have the same amount of time to spend with your dog, but it is always important to take time for your dog. Regular intervals of five to ten minutes sessions per day if you pay attention to your dog. You can do things like reading, caring, cuddling or just to talk to your dog. This way, you can make your dog understands that it is still an important part of your life. You must teach the dog that this time can be with or without the baby. This is also a great time to relax and unwind as pets are very therapeutic. Know that if you have more than one pet, each will requires individual attention whenever possible. You can also give the pack the attention at the same time, provided they get along with one another, or allow them to play together to burn energy.

Your dog must be calm and balanced

You must ensure that your dog is calm and balanced before the baby arrives in the house. It is very important for your dog to be quiet, learn so that he hurts you or baby. Your dog needs to be balanced so that it does not have unnecessary stress and is unsuitable. If your dog is calm and balanced, there are ways to help you achieve this. Training and exercise are good places to start to make a quiet and balanced dog. If this does not work your dog may have something wrong with it as a mental or physical health problem. Ask your veterinarian and local dog behaviorist or trainer. You should be able to point you in the right direction. They can help you along the way to advise what you need when taking behavioral change, taking medications or holistic remedies.

Your dog is cute? -

Your dog teaching to be gentle is very important to her, the baby is not accidentally injured. Many dogs use their teeth too much and need to learn the right way to learn the mouth - without teeth!

Has your dog jumped? -

If your dog is a bridge, teach appropriate greetings to help curb this problem. It is important that your dog sees people without jumping or getting too excited. When the baby comes home, it is likely to visit many people and have to be at their best. It also eases the smooth running of your dog around the baby must have welled.

How to manage my dog's baby roughly with it? -

Bringing your dog to what physically expecting your baby is extremely important for her to be able to cope with and what to do when the baby pulls, hits or pushes. Infants and children cannot be smooth from nature, and should be taught. Your dog must also learn how to deal with such behavior by his young leaders. Begin gently manipulating your dog in a more rough manner, while good behavior to praise and gently, if possible, correct improper behaviors such as chewing or sucking. Children tend to fondle around, pulling the ears and tail, put his hands in the face of the dog and sensitive areas to touch the dog. You must imitate these behaviors, teach your dog what to expect and how to deal appropriately. Make it a daily habit on the floor with your dog to have to touch every part of their body in a loving manner. This is good so because it is the dog's contact in the areas to except that the misery will not be touched. He also teaches the dog to be gentle while on the ground and be subject to you and your baby. Do it slowly and your dog will understands

Obedience training your dog-

Your dog should be trained obedient and have the basic manners. I suggest that you enroll in a training class if you can. Review your local training clubs or establishments for the classes and make sure you watch a class so you can see how they form. Make sure you are comfortable with their techniques and instructors. If you are not entitled to observe a class, please consult elsewhere. Trainers who are legitimate should have no problem with it, and encourage you to do so.

The few command and the actions that your dog should be able to ensure that he will be listening to and are basic control:

Go well on the leash
Understand the limits
Warning / Look
forget it
To Spot / Location
Bring the dog hand signs to react, will also be beneficial. A baby bed is less likely to arouse when you are not talking.

It is also a good idea to teach your dog to except wearing a leash - in and out of the house. This will ensure that you have control over your dog's best bred dog tends to help. Most cities have laws so it makes it essential that you get used to your dog on a leash. You should also go your dog every day. This gives your dog mental stimulation and physical exercise that helps to tire her, which makes her less likely to get into trouble and make a dog well-behaved.

Go spot to your room! -

The "Go to Your Point" is a great job to have in your arsenal for a well-behaved dog. You can use this exercise to allow your dog to be with you and not keep your feet, or your distance dog and always know where he is and what he is doing. It teaches your dog to go to sleep on a mat or blanket and stay up to his release.

Long decline in stays are important in general, weather it is "in place" because they help you keep control of your dog. For your dog to work for you, it eases a relationship in which you are dominant (responsible or the alpha figure) in the spirit of you and your dog.

Bring your dog what he can chew ON-

All dogs chew. Everyone has a reason for it, and has a physical need to chew. They need to chew their jaws and practice frustrations. Excessive chewing can also be a feature race. To avoid problems, do not let yourself stand for failure.

Impurities in the household

If your dog has an accident in the house or does not umbering, you must properly continue to avoid "accidents", clean or the same areas to notice and maintain a hygiene environment. Dog droppings can contain parasites and other unwanted diseases. Guardia, E-coli, other worms and parasites are sometimes in droppings and many are transmittable to humans.

Use high-quality treats-

The use of high-quality treats - treats your dog likes and does not work normally - when dealing with new baby cites, sounds and fragrances. This tells your dog who is good things and he must love them and link them with rewards rather than feeling fear or malice. Be sure to keep the special treats, and just use for getting your puppy familiar with what the new baby will be.

Health and your dog Cleanliness is vital-

It is important that your dog has a draft owns health care laws and is clean before bringing your child home. Take your dog to the veterinarian for a check-up to make sure there are no health problems that they can cause unwanted behavior that could make your dog interferes with their life with your baby. Make sure that it is up to date at all punches, or that its writings are good, and it is the worm free.

The next thing you need to make sure you are bathing your dog or have treated him before the baby comes home. If your dog throws, it is a good idea to start a feed program like regular grooming and adding a product as Linton (which you can get at your local Pet Store, online or some groomers) which has a special combination of oils The skin and the coat. Be careful not to bathe your dog as it may cause skin problems in many dogs. Make sure that it does not have fleas or ticks because it is unhygienic and can cause your baby to become exposed to health problems. It also creates problems that you will not have much time to bathe as soon as the baby is there. Using special fleas and tick medications help ensure that it stays flea less ticks.

Begin your dog to teach his legs accepting and body wiped when it comes from the outside, will help to reduce the amount of dirt that the house follows. It also reduces the risk that your dog will carries in something that cause an allergic reaction to you or your baby

So, make sure that regularly dog whir vacuum or sweep collects quickly. This is especially important when your baby starts out on the field much to creep or be, unless of coarse you want the baby to be a human swifter!

Bring a doll

The idea of wavering a doll (preferably a crying) may sound silly, but it is a great way to accustom your dog for a supplement to the family. Everything is different from a baby. Keeping a baby changing your attitude and your manners so that your dog must be comfortable and except it. The dog must also follow orders and be obedient if you have the baby or the baby is on the way. Using a doll whiles practicing daily jobs will help your dog to react better when the baby comes. Take the dog for walks with the dog play, and all the normal things you do with your dog with and without the baby and equipment.

Sounds- baby

Having your dog the sound of a baby being used is also a good idea. This way, you can make your dog familiar with strange sounds he may not have heard before so it is no surprise when the baby comes home. Things like crying, screaming, screaming / screaming, and baby babbling not necessarily normal for a dog to listen to. There are many CDs and cassettes that you can buy for this purpose. Start the low volume and place your dog for a short time at the beginning. Gradually increase the volume and the amount of time you play the sounds. Try to play the shot daily until the baby comes.

Real babies and children-

Another good idea is to expose your dog to reality - real babies and children. If you have friends or relatives who have babies, you can ask if they allow your dog to listen or record them for you. You can visit places like parks, if your dog is pigeon so you can hear your dog all the sounds of children. Make sure you start it off your home so that your dog will not be deterred in their own area. The next step is to expose your dog in your garden and in your house. Make it a gradual process for your dog to except slowly.

Smells- baby

The odors of a baby is often injured a dog. Start slowly your dog to get these new odors by using the products you use on your baby, such as baby oil, powder, baby wash and cream layer. Put these products on baby blankets and baby clothes will also help. If you have friends or relatives who have babies, ask to use blankets and burp cloths and unwashed to borrow, so the dog can gets used to the real smell of a baby.

The maternity-

Implementing the kindergarten will allows your dog to become familiar with the changes in the home. It allows your dog to be connected with the sights and sounds associated with baby equipment is convenient for avoid the shock when the baby comes.

If you do not want your puppy to go to the nursery, you need to begin gaining access now. Keep the door closed or a baby gate in the door to reach this goal. Your dog will not feel excluded or fearful in this room will not be allowed. Another good idea is to put a dog bed outside the nursery so that your dog is always close to you, but not in the room. It will not feel more outgoing, but feel more contained. Spend time in the room without your dog so that he understands that it is normal, and that is their territory. When he understands that the space begins to be, he and his less likely to try to get there when the baby comes home. This also helps keep the room clean and free from dog hair and dirt. You will have more than enough to clean the nursery as it is!

When you allow your dog to enter the nursery, begin to teach appropriate behavior as soon as possible. Train it quietly to be there - down and not jump on the furniture and baby equipment. It is also a good idea to teach him to go to kindergarten, down if she is allowed to be with you and the baby, but it is out of the way and behave. You can also have a bed or a mat where your dog is dropped on (if you and the dogs are not in the room). When the baby begins to crawl and move, you can limit the amount of time the dog goes - there and never leave him alone with the dog's baby.

Baby things are off-limits-

Make sure to reinforce constantly that the things baby are not the things of the dog. Even if you have practiced before going home baby, must have dog memories.

It is important to dispose of dirty diapers properly to ensure that your dog does not get. Dogs love the things human waste on them, such as dirty diapers and feminine products. Keep these products out of reach because they take a terrible mess and are very unhealthy for your dog to take to themselves. They have chemicals that are not good for your dog and can cause blockages. In addition, the consumption of human waste can makes your dog sick (and have disgusting breath!).

Bring your dog alone to leave baby blankets and do not drop or step on them. Arrange them on the furniture and floor to teach your dog who are taboo. If your dog is trying to walk them or throw a fixed "no" use and redirect your dog to a suitable location and fix. If your dog avoids this on their own, praise him for his good behavior with a treatment or caresses and he understood that these elements judge something. You want possible injuries to your baby to avoid your dog whiles baby is lying or hidden under the blanket (as babies often do!).

Bring your dog toys that belong with yourself

It is recommended to teach your dog what toys are his own and which toys are baby before the baby comes so that you have no problems later. This is also a good idea because you can buy similar toys that your baby have and do not worry about real baby toys with these years. An easy way to do this is to use peanut butter (or something similar to such as fresh cheese or fresh cheese) and the bitter apple (you can buy it online or in pet stores companies). Put the bitter apple on the baby toys and peanut butter on the dog toys. Before you give your dog the choice of what toys they want, take a bit of bitter apple on the finger and wipe around the mouth of your dog. This will help your dog the bad taste of baby toys to identify instantly. If you do not dilute it often the bitter apple and the dog will gets the baby toy in the position because the taste is unbearable. Make sure that you are ready to reward your dog treats if he chooses his toys on baby. 

Put the dog leash and you are ready to begin. Put the "marked" toy on the floor and let your dog decides which toys they prefer. If he always tries to take the baby toys, tell him "No, leave it", and if necessary pull away with the lead with quick jerks. Do not try to hurt the dog, just give a quick correction you repeat: "no, leave it". If your dog "going out" baby toys does alone, praise and treat. You can also add the dog, the concepts of "mine", "baby" and "teach." By adding these phrases for training. When the dog goes for his toy, you can say "okay, your!" The dog is going to say baby toys. "No, leave it, baby" you can use according to the same principal as used for baby toys, if the dog something goes to you by substitution "mine" instead of "baby."

Please remember that if your baby's toy are around your dog, it will most likely try to rob them. The temptation is too much for them to handle, and they will probably fail. Do not put them to failure! Try to get toys for dogs that are not like the baby animals and things that pluck the plush. There are many good dog toys that are very different with baby toys. Finally, keep only some of the toy dog wait once. This will prevents the prey from the syndrome "all my reach is mine!" If it's the three toys on the floor its included, it will be less able to take the things they should not.


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