Five more characters Your dog loves you

No surprise, it is consistently one of the most popular items on our site: Five characters that your dog loves you. But dog knows, there are many ways your puppy could show his devotion. So with Valentine's Day approaching, we thought it was time to update this list. So here are five more signs, scientifically proven and quite out of the official Journal of Canine Behavior:

1. He is there when you wake up in the morning:
And I mean right there - close by. Very close. Breathe his sweet morning puppy breath an inch from the nostrils and knock his little toenails from side to side on the parquet as it is infringing 'clock already.

2. It shows evidence of a pleasant feeling:
Not only farting and snorting and dribbling a little pee on his leg when he marks, but the embarrassing stuff. Return - slowly, carefully - from a tumbled trash can or barking furiously at a plastic bag that smiles in the breeze.

3. She jumps into your arms when you go into the door and make a big smell (sometimes literally) when you go:
Honestly, it's a lot of drama. And while it's flattering, does it really kill her that you've gone for a couple of hours? I mean, is there a part of it that likes the space? The chance to rummage through your shoe collection or stand over your favorite pillow, drool without hearing "Booboo!"?

4. You choose the TV show, he is only happy to be near you:
The rest of the family balks, but he cuddles in under the blanket for a marathon run by Real Housewives of Terre Haute. Ditto for teens Kawashima Pawn shop mothers. No Judgment.

5. It's hard to determine where it ends and you start:
Especially in bed. I mean, you'd think she'd start at her side and end where you start on your side, but the fact is she's right up there against you, not really that you're starting. And as the night goes on, it's harder and harder for you to start doing what's with your end so far over your side. Soon it's like you're no longer there, neither the beginning nor the end of it. Not to mention not to sleep But that's fine. She sleeps for you. And you are all one, together, no beginning or end.


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